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Hannah Morris Photography

Trash the Ball Gown
& Trash the Wedding Dress

Want some wedding photos with a difference?
Or a way to celebrate an anniversary?

Why spend all that money on a Ball Gown or Wedding Dress and leave it hanging in your wardrobe?
Hannah is willing to shoot on location from lochs to farms, on the beach or even in the sea!
Get your dress trashed as little or as much as you like, making photographs with a difference that will last for a lifetime.

Hannah's favourite shots

Copyright Hannah Morris Photography ©
Hannah Morris Photography
Lady's Rock Marie Antionette Selkie seal woman Catriona & Gary
Beach & Pony shoot
Donna & Alun
Snow & Farm shoot
Laura & Ben
Farm & Underwater shoot

Lady Donna-May& Dr Alan
Climbing wall shoot

Inese & Silva
Paint Fight

Inese & Silva
Fire Station

Emily & Drew
Underwater shoot

Rachel & Martin
Godzilla at Duart castle

For more information on prices, services or commissions please contact Hannah at the office at Hannah Morris Photography

Home My Island Weddings Trash the Dress Travels Portraits Property Restoration
Prices Contact Albums & Gifts Digital Editing Testimonials Links About Hannah Business

Hannah Morris, photographer, specialising in weddings, trash the dress shoots and fun family portraits, based on the Isle of Mull via Oban

About my trash the dress photography.
"The symbolism behind Trash the Dress is that you only need the dress for one day - you do not intend to get married in it again! So why not add some artistic shots to the wedding album or if you are already married you could use the images as an anniversary gift. The dress can be trashed as much or as little as you like. You can’t change the weather on your wedding day, but you can schedule a Trash the Dress shoot to suit the weather you want - sun or snow.

I have photographed at the beach, in the sea, in a swimming pool, with pigs, horses and even dung heaps! Yes I know it sounds odd, but it is great fun and if you don't go for it, you might always regret it. Think how impressed your grandchildren will be.

Most importantly I advise clients to stay warm - if you get cold you won’t have as much fun and this may show in your photos. If the weather is colder I recommend photographing in the mud with wellies and trousers on under your dress or if the weather is warmer I recommend wearing wet suit bottoms under your dress if your going in the water. I have a dry suit so I can pretty much photograph anywhere, I also own a boat to get to special locations.

Things you may wish to bring:
If it is a long way to walk to the shooting locations you may wish to bring a tent to change in.
If the groom is willing to join in the Trash the Dress shoot I recommend not wearing any hire clothes. He may wish to find a kilt from a charity shop or a cheap suit (Tescos in Oban sell cheap suits).
Layers of clothes or wetsuits will help to keep warmth in. You will need to bring bags to put your wet clothes in.
A dressing gown each
Spare clothes
A packed lunch
Sentimental props you wish to include in the shoot
A magazine or something to entertain you between shooting.

You may wish to arrange your Trash the Dress shoot where I am based at Arle on Mull, here I am able to hire ponies to go on the beach, we are also a short walk from the shore and there is a farm right next door. I also own holiday accommodation here: www.arlelodge.co.uk

Ferry timetables are here: www.calmac.co.uk/

Trash the dress photography can also be applied to prom dresses, bridesmaids dresses or ball gowns. A 'Trash the Trousers' shoot is a great alternative for same sex couples. To get impact all you need is an outfit and an ‘inapropriate’ setting to be photographed in. Be it an old run down house, car park, farm, factory, beach, main street or trampoline! As long as it’s somewhere unexpected. Here are some more great ideas:

If you have a favourite hobby such as golf or rock climbing. Hannah is also a PADI qualified SCUBA diver and is able to photograph underwater. " - Hannah